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Vrăjitoare - a witch - the word of self-identification form many Vlax Roma women in Romania. Magic is a really important aspect of the Romani religiosity. Crucifixes, holy water, statues of Jesus Christ and Saint Mary - all of these accompanied by crystal balls and tarot cards. Pagan and Christian models, two totally different worlds merging into one in the streets of Bucuresti. The phenomena of divination is widely acknowledged when it comes to history of this minority. Back in the nomadic times of Roma people, the divination was one of their main sources if livelihood. The travelling nature of their lives made it impossible to ask for refunds. The photographic sets captures the consequences of globalisation, that significantly transformed this old craft. In the past, the future telling abilities were attributed to elder women because of their life-long experience. Instead of palm reading or tasseography (coffee reading), all they need nowadays is your name, date of brith and the access to the internet on their brand new Iphone. Apart from fortune telling, other forms of magic emerged with rites more and more focused on the majority society. The craft turned into business inherited throughout generations. Even the girls in the age of nine are creating their vrăjitoare accounts on Facebook. At one moment you can see them playing with their dolls and the other moment they turn them into a magical artefact which is supposed to bring client's lost love back.